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Ястребов и БратЪ

Ястребов и БратЪ

Sector C7, №С 194-195

08:00 – 19:00

"...Out of the hustle and bustle of cities and traffic,

we are returning, there is simply nowhere to go…»

With these words, to paraphrase the classic, you can start a story about our modest Peasant farmstead or, to put it fashionably, an eco – Farm.

We are the Yastrebov brothers Gennady and Eduard.

In 2007, living in a megalopolis, we decided to touch our ancestral roots and set up a small farm in an ecologically clean place, in the village of Kozlovo, Staritsky district of the Tver region.

Now we make several varieties of brine, semi-hard and hard cheeses from cow's and goat's milk, adhere to traditional recipes, but do not strive to 100% copy famous brands. The taste of cheese primarily depends on the set of meadow grasses, climate, breed of cows and careful attitude to them. Cheese conveys the taste of the area.

The process of making cheese is subtle, meditative, capricious, but very interesting.

For high-quality cheese, you need good, real milk, the quality of which is now a big problem. Real milk, a live product, sensitive and capricious, likes cleanliness, it must be handled carefully and carefully.

The most reliable source of real milk is our own cow, which is why we keep our own milking herd. Today we have 30 cash cows and 20 cash goats, 2 horses,4 tractors, 50 hectares of land and ... many, many plans)))