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Крафтовая Сыроварня Pastoral

Крафтовая Сыроварня Pastoral

Sector C7

08:00 – 19:00

Craft cheese factory Pastoral.

We produce and sell craft cheese and natural dairy products. And we are very good at it. Do you know why? We have made an important discovery for ourselves: good cheese, delicious sour cream, invigorating kefir and just crazy cottage cheese are obtained only when you are interested in every detail of production. What makes up the quality of cheese and dairy products? This, of course, is surprisingly delicious and fat milk of Jersey cows and Anglo-Nubian goats. When you do not spare time and effort to track patterns, find the best recipes by experience, improve the technology – then you can be proud of the results with confidence. Each jar of sour cream and a head of cheese contains a sense of our love for the work and pride in the result. Our products are the result of our knowledge, centuries of proven technologies, delicate attention, partly flair and creativity. Try what we can do! We are sure you will like it.